Welcome to the Cooltoad Community!

Welcome back to Cooltoad.

We are deeply sorry for downtime the community has endured over last few month. In the last 20 years, this has been the most difficult months for our community.

We are currently replacing our programs with modern programs and increasing our security. These changes have been overwhelming at some stages of changeover.

We appreciate the understanding and co-operation of our users throughout this unexpected change to which we had to commit.

We will try to make up to our members all inconveniences. We will attempt to go public in India over the coming months. This will allow us to expand our team of programmers and systems administrators. This expansion within the company has become essential due to our ever expanding commitment on providing our users with better services.

Thank you.

Cooltoad E-mail

We at Cooltoad understand that many users are very concerned and inconvinienced by the sudden and such a long term disturbance in our e-mail system. We apologize and are equally as concerned. We would appreciate your patience for a few more weeks as we restore the e-mail service as this is a huge task. It is our priority to provide security and a superior e-mail experience in our restored service.

Thank you.

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